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Recruitment  trends in 2020, from a recruiter's perspectives

Hey my candidates, 

This is Zoe, your assigned recruiter from It is the new year so definitely there will some new trends in Chinese recruitment market. To get yourself well prepared, I have recently summarized possible recruitment trends in 2020 based my communication with schools and professional experience. It will be discussed from two aspects: recruitment needs and hiring criterion. Check it out!

1. Recruitment needs

TopTutorJob has been worked in the K-12 Education for few years and have got in touch with loads of clients to discuss about the recruitment needs. In general, there will more subject teacher being hired instead of pure ESL Teacher. I summarize the recruitment trend for each session as below:

- Kindergarten: Candidates who have Montessori understanding  and teaching experience would be preferred; teaching license is not necessary for Kindergarten job opportunities while holding an early childhood education certificate will definitely make you outstanding. 

- Primary school: There will be more vacancies as primary school homeroom teacher available instead of ESL teacher. School will also start to see candidate who is familiar with IBPYP  candidates.

- Middle/High school: Available vacancies will be subject teachers mainly, such as Math/Physics/Biology/Chemistry/ICT/Art etc. Subject teachers will be offer higher salary generally speaking. 

2. Hiring criterion

- Relevant teaching experience in specific curriculum will be highly paid attention to. This is because more and more school in China have established their AP Center/CIE center/A-level Center, etc. Some of the international curriculum that being popular in China include IB(PYP/MYP/DP), AP,  A-level, iGCSE, Montessori, IPC, IFC, GAC, Calvert. Candidates who have teaching experience in above curriculum would be given priority to in the selection process. 

- Foreign teachers who hold relevant teaching license(e.g. PGCE/state teaching license/SACE and other credentials) will be preferred. Some of the international schools may consider it as a "MUST" requirement instead of a desired qualification. So if you have a plan to study a teaching license, please go ahead. It may mean more job opportunities to you in China.

To conclude, the foreign experts are still under great need for international school or language training schools in China. You can still expect an ideal teaching job in the next few years. Good luck for your job search!

For any further inquires or discussion, please find my contact details as below. Hopefully you will find this email helpful, please do keep in touch:)

Zoe Sun

Senior International Consultant


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